Woman dies from allergic reaction to hair dye, despite 20 visits to doctors

A woman died after she continued to use hair dye that she was allergic to, even though she visited doctors 20 times complaining of itchy eyes, rashes and swelling.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Mother-of-two Julie McCabe slipped into a coma after suffering a severe reaction to the hair dye in 2011, never regaining consciousness.

She died a year later in 2012 from acute cardio respiratory arrest due to severe anoxic brain damage.

The mother of two was rushed to hospital but died a year later
The mother of two was rushed to hospital but died a year later

Her family - husband Russell, 47, and her two children, blame her death on her allergy to hair dye, one that she had been using since 2005.

Julie was a frequent visitor to a medical centre near her home due to her allergies - which included the hair dye, asthma and hay fever.

Despite visiting the centre up to 20 times, doctors merely prescribed a topical lotion but did not record that she was suffering from an allergic reaction.

The first time it was noticed was on the day she collapsed, never to wake up again.

The doctor on her case defended this however, saying that they would ‘not necessarily record an allergy to hair dye because we do not prescribe hair dye.’

He added: ‘It would be stating the obvious to tell her to stop.’

Julie's husband told the inquest into her death that his wife has 'liked to look good,' and had screamed for help after having breathing difficulties whilst dying her hair.

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