Woman confronts her cheating ex-boyfriend and it’s absolutely heartbreaking


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A video has gone viral of a woman who confronts her cheating ex-boyfriend and it's pretty emotional.

The video posted on The Scene's Twitter page shows Kourtney ask her former boyfriend Leonard what he did throughout their relationship and he admits to cheating on her with countless women.

Their relationship started off at university. They were in the same class and although Kourtney didn't like him a first, fast-forward two years and after moving into the same complex the pair started dating.

However, during their relationship Kourtney stopped trusting her boyfriend and begun to look through his phone. She admits she found inappropriate photos and messages and when she would ask him about it he would either lie and then later admit to it or tell her he'd stop cheating but would continue anyway.

Girl confronts cheating ex-boyfriend #HurtBae
The emotional interview went viral this week (Twitter / SPACE) ©Twitter / @SCENE

When she confronts her ex-boyfriend and asks him how many times he cheated on her, he replied: "I don't know… I wasn't counting."

During the clip Kourtney recalls a shocking time she went to his bedroom and he was with someone else and he told her to leave. But the most heart-breaking moment was when she reveals she forgave him and when he didn't understand why she said: "Because you're my best friend."

Leonard later admits the reason he cheated on his ex-girlfriend was because he didn't want to commit to her. Towards the end of the video he apologies and says: "I hope in the future we can remain good friends and I get a chance to see you grow into the woman you're becoming."

Watch the emotional clip below:

Since going viral video received over 200,000 retweets and over 440,000 likes and the hashtag HurtBae was trneding. The clip has definitely pulled at the internet's heart strings. Lots of people took to Twitter to share their emotions:

What do you think of the clip? Have you ever confronted your cheating partner? What happened? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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