Woman kills herself after catfisher pretends to be Home and Away’s Lincoln Lewis

Geoff Campbell Home and Away

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A woman has killed herself following a lengthy catfishing scam by someone pretending to be Home and Away star Lincoln Lewis

An Australian woman known only as ‘Emma’ was found dead in her home two years after her traumatic experience with the catfish, who has been identified as fellow Australian Lydia Abdemalek.

Lydia contacted Emma via Facebook pretending to be the actor Lincoln Lewis, who played Geoff Campbell on Australian soap opera Home and Away. It’s since come to light that Emma had attended school with Lincoln and that the two had been friends.

Believing that her old school friend was reaching out to her, Emma entered into an online relationship with Lydia, who sent racy messages and doctored explicit photos of the star.

Australian news network ABC characterised the message exchanges as ‘flirty’ and said that Emma had reciprocated by sending x-rated videos and pictures of herself.

Years into the online scam, Emma grew suspicious of ‘Lincoln’s’ true identity and reported her concerns to police, leading to Lydia threatening her through a number of other catfish accounts and even telling her to kill herself.

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Tom-Fletcher-Roger-Oakley1 of 21

Tom Fletcher/Roger Oakley

Home and Away originally focused on the Fletcher family and Tom Fletcher, played by Roger Oakley was the father. He was married to Pippa and the couple fostered five children. Tom appeared in the first pilot episode in 1988 but the character died in a car crash in 1990. The character did return but only in the form of haunting vision to one of his daughters - Sally Fletcher.

Roger-Oakley-Tom-Fletcher2 of 21
CREDIT: backtothebay

Roger Oakley/Tom Fletcher

Roger Oakley is a New Zealand-born Australian actor. He was born on 21 August 1943. After Home and Away, Roger continued his acting career and played a politician in another Australian soap, 'Something in the Air'. At age 75, he is still active in the industry and recently performed in a stage production of My Fair Lady.

Pippa-Ross-Vanessa-Downing3 of 21

Pippa Ross/Vanessa Downing

The character of Pippa Ross, played by Vanessa Downing was married to Tom Fletcher. Pippa appeared in the pilot episode in 1998 and the character appeared in the show several times until 2009 - although the part was recast, with Debra Lawrence taking up the role.Over the years Pippa and Tom take in several foster children and the character also has two children of her own. Pippa has been voted in the Top 20 Home and Away characters of all time and she has been described as "kind-hearted", but having had "more than her share of grief".

Vanessa Downing/Pippa Ross4 of 21
CREDIT: The Loop

Vanessa Downing/Pippa Ross

Vanessa Downing is an Australian actress of theatre and screen, born 5 May 1958. Vanessa left Home and Away in 1990, apparently because she missed working alongside co-star, Roger Oakley. She graduated as a lawyer in 2006, and now juggles a law career and her acting roles which are mostly on the stage.

Debra-Lawrence-Pippa-Ross5 of 21
CREDIT: Google

Debra Lawrence/Pippa Ross

Debra Lawrence took up the role of Pippa Ross in 1990 and stayed on the show for eight years, as well as returning several times up until 2009.Debra Lawrance is an Australian actress who was born on 1 January 1957. Since leaving Summer Bay, in 2013 Debra starred in a comedy drama called 'Please Like Me'. For this, she won the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress (FYI the Logie awards are annual Australian institution celebrating Australian television, sponsored and organised by magazine TV Week). In 2017, Debra won a celebrity version of 'Hell's Kitchen Australia' and in 2018 she joined the cast of Neighbours, as Liz Conway.

Frank-Morgan-Alex-Papps6 of 21

Frank Morgan/Alex Papps

Frank Morgan, played by Alex Papps, was one of the five foster children of Tom and Pippa. He was the very first character to appear in the soap, in the pilot episode.Frank was the series first heart-throb with his trademark mullet - swoon. His storylines were full of romance including a 'shotgun wedding' where he was gilted at the altar and a failed marriage.The character left in 1989 but he also returned for brief appearances in 1991, 2000 and 2002.

Alex-papps-frank-morgan7 of 21
CREDIT: Getty Images

Alex Papps/Frank Morgan

Alex Papps in an Australian actor born 11 February 1969. He left Home and Away in 1989 to join the cast of 'Flying Doctors', an Australian TV Drama.In 2005, Papps became a presenter on ABC's kids show Play School alongside his former on-screen girlfriend in Home and Away, Justine Clarke (Roo Stewart). In 2018, he returned to Summer Bay to celebrate the Home and Away 30th anniversary.Papps said 20 years later, he was still recognised as the character of Frank Morgan and he was never comfortable about the hype around the role.

Carly-Morris-Sharyn-Hodgson8 of 21

Carly Morris/Sharyn Hodgson

Carly Morris, played by Sharyn Hodgson, was another of the Fletcher's fostered children. She was a regular in the soap from 1988 to 1991.The character of Carly went through a lot - covering issues such as rape, alcoholism and child abuse, as well as a difficult marriage to soldier Ben Lucini (Julian McMahon.)

Sharyn-Hodgson-Carly-Morris9 of 21
CREDIT: Google

Sharyn Hodgson/Carly Morris

Sharyn Hodgson is a former Australian actress, born on 25 August 1958.Since leaving Home and Away in 1991, Sharyn Hodgson appeared in the soap for several guest appearances, with her last appearance being in 2008. Sharyn left the limelight to take up work as natural therapist and childcare worker - while taking care of her three children and foster children.

Steven-Matheson-Adam-Willits10 of 21

Steven Matheson/Adam Willits

Steven Matheson, played by Adam Willits, was another of the Fletcher's original foster children. He was a regular cast member from 1988 to 1991 and again between 1995 and 1996.Adam was a disturbed child who suffered from nightmares of his parents death. He grew up to be quiet and a bit of a geeky character. He did however get his first kiss with Narelle Smart (Amanda Newman-Phillips) and had an on/off relationship with Selina Roberts (Tempany Deckert). Weirdly, Steven's final departure was filmed in Shropshire and it was the first ever episode to be filmed abroad.

Adam-Willits-Steven-Matheson11 of 21
CREDIT: Google

Adam Willits/Steven Matheson

Adam Willits is a former Australian actor, born 18 February 1972.After leaving the show in 1996, like other cast members, Adam returned for several guest stints up until 2008. Adam has also appeared in a film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and TV series Hampton Court and All Saints.Adam eventually left the limelight to work in insurance.

Sally-Fletcher-Kate-Richie12 of 21

Sally Fletcher/Katie Richie

Sally Fletcher, was also one of the five foster children of the Fletchers. Sally was a good girl who was haunted by a troubled past.Sally became the longest running original female cast member as she stayed in the soap from 1988-2008.

Katie-Ritchie-Sally-Fletcher13 of 21
CREDIT: Getty Images

Kate Ritchie

Kate Ritchie is an Australian actress, radio presenter and children's author, born on August 14 1978. Kate won several awards for her portrayal of Sally Fletcher. Since leaving Home and Away, Kate has basically done it all - television, film, radio, writing children's books, appearing on a televised singing competition and the Australian version of Don't Tell The Bride. She's even been the face of Vaseline!Kate also reprised her role as Sally in 2013 for a few months - much to the delight of fans! Kate has one daugther with her professional rugby playing husband, Stuart Webb.

Alf-Stewart-Ray-Meagher14 of 21

Alf Stewart/Ray Meagher

Alf Stewart, played by Ray Meagher, is perhaps the most recognizable character from Home and Away. He appeared in the pilot and has stayed on the show until present day - a whopping 31 years (he has the Guinness World Record for the longest-serving actor in an Australian serial).Alf Stewart is sometimes seen as a bit of a grumpy character but deep down he is a big softie. He has some legendary Aussie slang catchphrases - "flamin galah", "stone the flamin' crows", and "strike me roan". The character has been through the ringer - losing his wife, suffering from PTSD, reuniting with long lost family members, a brain tumour and being stalked!

Ray-Meagher-Alf-Stewart15 of 21
CREDIT: Getty Images

Ray Meagher/Alf Stewart

Ray Meagher was born on 4 July 1944. What is Ray doing now? He's still on the show! Ray has won multiple awards for his portrayal of Alf including a Gold Logie award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television.Ray has been on several other TV programmes and has acted on the West End in a production of Priscilla the musical. Ray's guilty pleasure is Christmas pantomimes and he regularly travels to blighty to take part in productions like Peter Pan and Aladdin.

Donald-Fisher-Norman-Coburn16 of 21

Donald Fisher/Norman Coburn

Donald Fisher, played by Norman Coburn, is the stern but fair principal of Summer Bay where he is giving the nickname "flathead".Donald, won a place in the 2002 Guinness World Records for his long-running portrayal as he was in the soap from the start until 2003.

Norman-Coburn-Donald-Fisher17 of 21
CREDIT: Google

Norman Coburn/Donal Fisher

Norman Coburn, an Australian actor, was born on 6 March 1937. He originally started his career on stage in the UK.After leaving Home and Away in 2003, Donald has appeared in a few guest appearances but in 2008 he hung up his acting shoes for good. He currently lives on an island in Tasmania, of the coast of Australia.

Bobby-Simpson-Nicolle-Dickson18 of 21

Bobby Simpson/Nicolle Dickson

Bobby Simpson, played by Nicolle Dickson was a trouble-making, rebellious teen who is bit of a loner. Bobby was popular because she always stood up for herself. In the soap she searched for her biological parents, feuded with Roo Stewart and got married to her foster brother, Frank Morgan (Alex Papps). In 1993, Dickson decided to leave the serial and Bobby was killed off in a boating accident.

Nicolle-Dickson-Bobby-Simpson19 of 21
CREDIT: Getty Images

Nicolle Dickson/Bobby Simpson

Nicolle Dickson is a former Australian actress, born 29 January 1969. After leaving Home and Away, Nicole did a few more acting jobs and then left the industry to become an accountant and bookkeeper.In 2018, Nicole Dickson, returned to the Bay, alongside co-star Alex Papps, to celebrate the series 30th year in special documentary entitled 'Endless Summer: 30 years of Home and Away'.

Aisla-Stewart-Judy-Nunn20 of 21

Aisla Stewart/Judy Nunn

Aisla Stewart, played by Judy Nunn, was married to Alf. They were an inseparable couple and Judy dealt with Alf's moody temperament well. The character was described as a much-loved mother figure.Ailsa's storylines featured her being attacked, suffering depression, a car accident, dealing with a previous rape and reuniting with her long-lost daughter. She died from a heart attack in 2000.

Judy-Nunn-Aisla-Stewart21 of 21
CREDIT: JudyNunn

Judy Nunn/Aisla Stewart

Judy Nunn, born 13 April 1945 is an Australian fiction author, former theatre and television actress and radio and television screenwriter.After leaving Home and Away in 2000, Judy continued writing and has written adult-fiction books and period fiction - some of which have become best sellers. She also wrote scripts for episodes of rival Aussie soap, Neighbours.In 2015, she was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia for her service to the performing arts as a scriptwriter and actor of stage and screen, and to literature as an author.

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Emma said at the time, “I was so emotional that sometimes I would be throwing up and losing weight. I woke up screaming and having had nightmares about all these communications.

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Geoff Campbell Lincoln Lewis Home and Away
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“I have thought about committing suicide and have even got to the point where I wanted to stab myself in the stomach, hang myself, overdose.”

In 2018 Emma was found dead, two years after Lydia’s arrest for the stalking and harassment of six individuals.

Taking to his Twitter account, actor Lincoln Lewis – who was unaware of Emma’s ordeal at the time – said: “For everyone, but especially for those with kids, KNOW who you or they are talking to online.

“Be ABSOLUTELY SURE of it! Social media can be great but also a scary place as there are sick twisted people out there.

“Be safe."

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