Woman bitten by 10 ft python as she walked home in Swansea

A woman was bitten by a 10ft python as she walked home from a pub in Swansea.


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The snake had been reported missing and was being hunted by police when Sue received the bite.

Sue, 47, said of the incident: “At first I thought the pain was stinging nettles. But I looked down to see blood streaming onto my shoes.

“I grabbed the first aid kit but the bandage didn’t stop the blood at all- the left leg was worse than the right leg.”

Sue's leg after the bie
Sue's leg after the bie

After calling an ambulance and being checked over by paramedics it was confirmed that Sue had been bitten by a snake and she was taken to hospital.

“They said it was a snake but I couldn’t believe my ears.” Sue said.

The hospital confirmed it was a bite from a python by contacting the Medical Reptile Unit in London. Sue told of her reaction to the bite: “I couldn’t get warm and I was shaking. My face was starting to swell up.”

But a spokesperson for the Reptile Centre in Cardiff assured that a python bite could not be fatal. “It is possible that she had an allergic reaction to the bit. Any snake may well but if it is frightened- but the bite alone will not kill you.”

Sue was bitten by a 10ft python

South Wales Police confirmed they’d had a report of a lost snake but that they’d also received another call saying the snake had been found.

Sue made a full recovery from the bite.

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