Woman, 8 months pregnant, jailed for two-and-a-half years for poisoning unborn baby

Paramedics found the ‘fully formed’ stillborn baby head-first down the toilet


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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A mum who induced a miscarriage with poison at 32 - 34 weeks pregnant has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

Natalie Towers broke down in the dock at Newcastle Crown Court after she was handed a 30-month prison sentence today.

The court heard how the 24-year-old took poison she bought on the internet to terminate her unborn son because she ‘couldn’t deal with the stress’.

Paramedics found the little boy - later named Luke Clark, head-first down the toilet and unresponsive.

Sentencing the woman, Mr Justice Jay said:

'Despite attempts made by the paramedics and hospital, the child could not be saved. Both paramedics were obviously distressed by what they saw.

'I am satisfied the baby was already dead when delivered or placed in the toilet.

'This case has nothing to do with the general immorality or otherwise of termination of unborn fetuses.

'The law is clear, you must have been aware, no doubt, in line with your internet searches, it was open to you to seek termination at any stage before 24 weeks.

'At 24 weeks there is a fair chance of survival if born premature. Your child, at 32-34 weeks had a very good chance of survival but had no chance once you administered this drug.'

Under UK law, abortions can only be carried out within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy and must take place in a hospital or licensed clinic.

An abortion can only be carried out later than 24 weeks to prevent serious injury to the pregnant woman or unborn child.

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