Wedding dress disasters: 20 online designer knockoff nightmares

Brides, beware; these wedding dress fails will DEFINITELY make you think twice before ordering online

20 fake wedding dress disasters: Here’s why you should NEVER buy a designer knockoff

by Kayleigh Dray |

Online shopping is always risky - but scouring the internet for your wedding dress is the biggest gamble of them all.

And, as these brides will contest, it doesn’t always pay off.

From white dresses which turned out to be green (yes, GREEN!), to beautiful embroidery which turns out to be stick-on sequins, these brides definitely weren’t prepared by what arrived at their door.

Now, to help stop any other women making the same mistake, several Facebook groups (including Brides Beware, Knockoff Nightmares, and International Ownership) have been set up in a bid to name and shame the online wedding dress stores that have been busy scamming people all over the web.

You might want to avert your eyes now if you're allergic to horrific wedding gowns...

Something blue:

A lovely example from > >

Not so pretty in pink:

This ‘Vera Wang’ number:

Rose-tinted glasses:

Not all that glitters is gold:

A beaded nightmare:

This is one that has been floating around the internet. I wish that they had done the original in the inset instead. The... > >

Feeling blue:

The dream vs the nightmare:

Green with envy:

A terrible mistake:

Not all white on the night:

Kate Middleton it ain’t:

Even Barbie wouldn’t want this one:

Say NO to the dress:

This’d work as a Strictly Come Dancing costume:

Original Pnina Tornai and what ended up coming to the customer. Obviously, most girls can't afford a Pnina, but the... > >

Happy Halloweeen:

Thanks > >


Just another terrible disaster > >

Oh dear:

Not even close! > >

Total fake out:

Oh god:

Please don't buy from JJ's house or Jen Jen's house, its the same company! > >

Have you ever suffered a wedding gown disaster? Share your own horror stories via the comments box below now.

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