Webcam users call police after spotting armed intruders in gamer’s apartment

A woman was saved by fellow gamers she was playing over the internet, when they spotted armed intruders in her home through webcam.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

Nikki Elise was playing Dota 2 when a man with a hand gun appeared behind her and started rummaging around in her gaming equipment.

The gamer known as Sajeden streams her playing games to her many friends and fans - one of whom spotted the intruder and immediately called the police.

Nikki looks in the direction of a loud crash, as intruders entered her home

Gamers from around the world watched in horror as armed men entered her home and robbed the 28-year-old, but thanks to their quick action, were able to contact authorities.

One of the officers on the scene confirmed that one man was still in the apartment when officers arrived. He fled, but was taken into custody after a short pursuit by police.

One of the intruders and hs handgun is visible on screen

The other suspect is still at large, and could be carrying a handgun, warned police.

Neither Nikki nor her roommate were injured in the raid, though Nikki will not doubt be thankful that she had her webcam switched on at that particular moment in time.

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