VIDEO: Watching these Beagles see sun and grass for first time after life in a laboratory will melt your heart

After a life being tested on in laboratories, these 9 Beagles got their first taste of the outside world, thanks to the ARME's Beagle Freedom Project.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Sadly, Beagles are chosen for laboratory testing because of their friendly, docile and trusting nature, and are then used to try out medicines, household products and cosmetics.

Once they are no longer needed for scientific purposes some labs try to find homes for beagles - although this has challenges because the dogs have never been in a house, around children or other animals.

They will have lived their entire lives in metal cages.

The Beagle freedom project aims to find homes for these dogs and help rehabilitate them, giving them a second chance at life.

The dogs shown in this video had only ever known metal cages, but as soon as they're released into the bright sunshine - you can see their tails start wagging in delight.

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