WATCH: Tiny orphaned puppy drinking hungrily from milk bottle- so cute!

Watch this adorable video of a tiny puppy hungrily drinking milk from a bottle that’s roughly the same size as him!


by Closer Staff |
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The video was taken at an animal shelter in Kansas City, US, who help find homeless animals loving new owners.

The puppy is one of a litter of 10 who were left orphaned when they lost their mum.

The shelter writes underneath the youtube clip: ‘Having lost their mum at only two weeks old, this litter of 10 puppies came to Wayside Waifs.’


‘Hungry, sick and cold, our staff vaccinated them, wrapped them in blankets and gave them their first Wayside bottle.’

The video shows one of the hungry pups wrapped in a towel eagerly awaiting his bottle-feed.

The pups were all fed using a bottle since they sadly lost their mum and couldn’t nurse from suckling.

Watch the adorable video below:

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