WATCH: Terrifying ‘ghost’ leaves commuters running for their lives in cruel prank video

This ghostly prank video is DEFINITELY going to give us nightmares - and we weren’t even there!

WATCH: Terrifying ‘ghost’ leaves commuters running for their lives in cruel prank video

by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

As anyone who’s ever hopped on the tube late at night will know, the underground can be creepy.

And that’s WITHOUT a creepy ghost girl wandering the carriages.

The twisted minds over at Brazilian TV show Programma Silvio Santos decided to see how commuters would cope with exactly that, installing hidden cameras and rigging a subway car so that the lights would flicker when it arrived at a station.

Worse still? The doors don’t open - meaning the increasingly nervous passengers quickly learn that they are trapped in the ‘haunted’ tube carriage.

Cue everything going black - and the appearance of an insanely creepy little girl.

Check it out:

Ugh, that sent shivers down our spines.

We don’t know whether we’d have screamed back, covered our eyes, hidden behind a chair, or run for our lives.

Maybe a mix of all four?

**Would you have been scared if this prank was played on you? Let us know via the comments box below now. **



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