WATCH: Shocking video shows father smoking with young toddler

A shocking video has surfaced in the Internet showing a father sharing a cigarette with a young toddler.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

The disturbing video footage shows a shirtless man, assumed to be the youngster’s father, taking a draw from a cigarette and passing it on to his infant son.

The youngster then takes a draw himself before passing it back to his dad.

Whilst the boy’s father takes his turn having a smoke, the boy can be seen waving his hands in delight having tried his first cigarette.

The toddler can be seen repeatedly reaching for the cigarette multiple times.

As father and son continue to share the cigarette, we started to question whether or not the young boy was GENUINELY inhaling the dangerous smoke, but the glow at the end of the cigarette indicates that sadly, the video appears to be genuine.

Watch the shocking footage below:

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