WATCH: Shocking advert exposes the dangers of leaving a baby in a hot car

A bizarre new video, which aims to warn parents of the dangers of leaving babies in hot cars, has garnered a LOT of interest on social media

WATCH: Shocking video exposes the dangers of leaving a baby in a hot car

by Kayleigh Dray |
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The Israeli commercial, titled 'Your Baby', shows a mother pull up in her car outside a shopping centre.

Her baby girl can be seen strapped in a car seat in the back of the vehicle.

The mother then turns off the ignition, steps out of the car without her child, and walks off to the shops.

The footage then cuts between the woman, who is happily browsing for clothes, and her visibly distressed baby girl.

All of a sudden, we see the woman’s eyes fixate upon another mother, who can be seen pushing her baby in a pram (and texting on her phone) whilst she is out shopping.

The sight clearly leaves the woman horrified, and viewers watch as she rushes back to her car and frantically opens the door.

But, once she has done so, the woman surprisingly doesn’t rescue her baby from the sweltering hot car.

Instead, she dives for her smartphone - which she had left in full view on the passenger seat - and then heads back to the shopping centre.

Watch the bizarre footage for yourself below:

A spokesperson for the charity Tachles, who created the video, said: "Unlike our previous videos, this one, of course, has nothing to do with comedy of any sort.

“We felt this topic is too important, so we made the video with no words so anyone could understand."

Despite praise from many viewers, who feel the footage highlights just how common an occurrence this has become, others have slammed the advert for trivialising the dangers of vehicular heatstroke.

And some have even recommended that viewers instead watch RedCastle Media’s child safety film from 2013.

In the 7 minute clip, titled One Decision, the filmmakers reenact a real-life incident, in which a young toddler was left in a car at a shopping centre car park.

Watch the harrowing footage for yourself below:

Which of the two child safety adverts do you feel is most effective?

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