WATCH: The real life Matilda as genius 2-month old baby tells dad ‘I love you’

Watch this clip of a ‘genius’ 2-month old baby girl telling her dad ‘I love you.’


by Closer staff |
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We all think our children are geniuses. From the moment we meet them as tiny babies we imagine them growing up to become astronauts or doctors who find the cure for cancer.

It’s easy to get carried away imagining what goes on inside a baby’s mind.

For one man, even he was caught off guard by his baby’s amazingly brilliant mind.

In a scene not dissimilar of Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ watch as this baby amazingly seems to talk back to his dad.

Rocking back and forth, the baby’s father lovingly dotes on his daughter, repeatedly telling her ‘I love you,’ and she then says it back!

Though it’s amazing that his baby can speak, we can’t help but feel a little but sorry for him. Once a child learns how to talk it’s almost impossible to get any peace and quiet!

We expect great things from this little girl.

Watch the incredible footage below:

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