WATCH: Pool repairman finds drowned squirrel…what happens next will melt your heart

After discovering a drowned squirrel in a pool in Arizona, one repairman decided to take the time to look after the baby animal, who otherwise would have lost his life.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Pool repairman Rick Gruber came to work to install a pool heater, but on arriving at the site he found a drowning squirrel close to death.

In the adorable footage, Rick is shown talking to the baby animal, saying 'you can make it,' as he places the tiny creature over a piece of pipe to encourage him to throw up the water.

'Can you throw up?' he asks the baby squirrel as he gently squeezes the animal's lungs between his thumb and forefinger.

After the squirrel starts to move more noticeably, taking breaths, Rick places him on one of his kneepads and encourages him to keep going, saying: 'Come on, little guy, you can't die.'

The squirrel can be seen taking laboured breaths and twitching slightly as he tries to right himself after the ordeal.

And soon, the baby gets onto his feet and begins feebly moving around.

By the end of the video, the once doomed squirrel has managed to stand up and starts to walk away, still regaining his composure as he does so.

With every step, the squirrel seems to be getting more alert and back to normal after his near death experience.

This made us so happy.

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