WATCH: Man fails to notice ‘homeless’ wife of 34 years as he passes her begging on the street

Have the homeless become invisible? New experiment reveals we wouldn't even notice our own loved ones if they were begging on the street…

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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The New York City Rescue Mission carried out a social experiment to highlight how people view the homeless.

The idea was to see if people would recognise their own family members if they posed as homeless people on the street - and the results were shocking.

Of the people involved, it was Tom whose story that touched us the most.

He met his wife in a bar 34 years ago - and they are still madly in love. Yet, when he walked past her dressed as a homeless person on the street, he didn't spare more than a cursory glance.

And, when he watched the footage back, he was horrified.

The tears and hugs at the end really got to us - they were just beautiful. It seemed as if everyone involved in the experiment was left shaken by the "really weird" experience.

And we love that final shot of Tom walking away with his wife, arm around her shoulders.

The New York City Rescue Mission said the video was produced to “make people think twice before walking by the homeless”. And it's had a profound effect on us - but has it on you?

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