WATCH: Man disappears into thin air in chilling ‘ghost’ video

Will this video, of a man disappearing into thin air, make you believe in ghosts?

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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This creepy video has definitely left some people believing in ghosts...

The 47 second clip, uploaded to the video sharing website YouTube, begins with footage of a man walking down a darkened street in the American town of Jackson, Wyoming.

But, as he walks past a sign for Rocky Mountain Bar, something strange begins to happen - and the man's body begins to fade into nothingness.

Stranger still, as his body slowly lets into the air around him, his feet are replaced by two white strange white dots - which continue to move across the screen before disappearing entirely.

Check it out:

Several viewers have suggested that the figure could be a ghost, wandering along the street where he lost his life.

Others have suggested the man could be a time traveller, or even a hologram.

Some sceptics have argued that it is nothing more than a camera glitch.

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