WATCH: Man builds squirrel obstacle course in his back garden

This amazing video shows the fruits of one man’s labour- an amazing squirrel obstacle course!


by Fiona Day |
Published on

For some of us, there’s nothing more charming than watching an adorable family of squirrels bound around your garden, burying nuts in the soil and darting in and out of tree branches.

Man brings drowned squirrel back to life!

One man loves watching the squirrels so much, he decided to make life even more exciting for them.

Steve Barley constructed this epic squirrel fun ground for his furry friends, and filmed them having the time of their lives on their new obstacle course.

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He wrote: “How could we beat the success of our Black Squirrel Assault Course? By building an even bigger assault course out of an old ironing board, sink plunger and bits of old wood! This time we've gone for the double! Bring on those cheeky squirrels.”

Watch the video below:

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