WATCH: Llamas spark Twitter meltdown over wild escape attempt

Forget high-speed police chases; this hilarious LLAMA chase is the only thing worth watching today...

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Llamas are always entertaining to watch, there's no doubt about it - but these two daring critters have seriously upped their game.

Clearly inspired by Thelma and Louise (because who isn't?), the animals made a wild bid for freedom in Arizona’s Sun City.

And when we say wild, we really 100% mean WILD.

The world watched with bated breath as the llamas galloped (can llamas gallop? Doesn't matter.) down main roads, darted across intersections, dodged traffic, bleated a brave cry of independence, and evaded any dastardly humans trying to stop them.

This all lasted for... ooh, around 30 minutes? And, as the llamas battled for freedom continued, plenty of people began logging onto Twitter to offer their support...

Yup, we all kind of wanted the llamas to make it across the border - to endless blue skies and freedom - but we knew, in our hearts, it wasn't to be.

Both llamas were eventually captured and returned to safety.

But, despite being unsuccessful in their great escape attempt, we have a feeling that both animals will look back on their adventure with fond memories.

And they will know that they inspired thousands of us to reach for the stars.

Vive la llama!

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