WATCH: Little girl’s adorable attempts to lie about eating a doughnut!

This amazing video shows one little girl’s adorably gallant attempts to lie about eating a doughnut.


by Fiona Day |

The video shows a young girl called Tiffany invent an impressive tale about what REALLY happened when a doughnut mysteriously went missing from the kitchen…

Instead of fessing up to her crime, Tiffany conjured up an imaginative tale, creatively pinning the blame on somebody else.

Despite some interrogation from her mother, Tiffany stands by her story…

Tiffany’s mum gets her little scally-wag to lift up her hat and reveal the stolen goods, but despite the evidence at hand, Tiffany continues to blame her dad before switching the blame on an innocent named Miles.

Nonetheless, mummy can’t be fooled and Tiffany was made to face her punishment.

We hope that doughnut was worth it!

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