WATCH: Little girl puts Disney villain in his place

One little girl gave sexist Disney villain Gaston a piece of her mind when she found him at Disneyworld Florida.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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After telling Gaston that the Beast is her favourite Disney character, the aptly named Isabella then dropped a huge bombshell on the classic movie villain.

Namely that there’s no way Belle will ever marry him.

‘No, no, no, no the Beast is marrying Belle!’ said Isabella forcefully.

Attempting to put a stop to her rant, Gaston replied: ‘I don’t know where this girl came from but someone needs to put her back in the kitchen right now.’

‘Smile like you’re making me a sandwich.’

He then told the tiny feminist to pose for a photo, insisting that she should: ‘Smile like you’re making me a sandwich.’

Not to be intimidated by his sexist ways, Isabella responded smartly with: ‘The Beast is gonna beat you… he’s stronger than you.’

Gaston eventually had to admit to defeat, shrugging off the incident and telling startled onlookers: ‘I’ve been outdone by a girl…

'A short one.’

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