WATCH: Latest chilling ‘Gone Girl’ trailer is released

The full-length trailer for ‘Gone Girl’ has been released- and it’s more chilling than we cold have ever imagined.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

The film- based on the novel by Gillian Flyn- tells the story of a man who is being blamed for the death of his wife.

Ben Affleck plays the lead role in what will probably be one of the biggest films of the year.

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A very creepy Neil Patrick Harris (from How I Met Your Mother and Glee) also stars in the film.

According to those making the film, the adaption is thought to remain very true to the book, which will please fans of the hit novel.

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The trailer itself hints at the dark and creepy story, providing plenty of ambiguity that leaves us dying to find out the truth.

Watch the incredible trailer below:

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