WATCH: Inspiring video on why parents should never judge other parents

A hilarious new video has been released to encourage parents to be supportive, rather than critical of one another.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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In the clip, breast feeding mums square up against bottle feeders, stay at home mums challenge ‘part time mums’ the workers, whereas dads get it in the neck for being the wrong gender.

This parenting clip is brilliant…must watch to the end!! > >

Posted by [Boys Germs]( on Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The video, released by ‘Boy’s Germs’ pokes fun at some of the intensely critical comments parents make about one another’s decisions - from choosing plastic diapers to bottle feeding their infants.

As the clip builds to a crescendo, the women and men are seen squaring up against each other, before one of the baby buggies slips away from them down the hill.

Suddenly, their fight with one another is irrelevant, as they rush to rescue the buggy from crashing into something, injuring the infant inside.

The video's aim is for parents and especially women to find 'sisterhood in motherhood,' rather than poke fun at one another for their parenting decisions.

Are you guilty of criticising other parents for doing things differently from you? Why do you think this is? Comment in the box below.

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