WATCH: Horrifying moment catapult ride rope breaks moments before launch

Watch the terrifying moment a catapult ride broke moments before it was launched in the air

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by Fiona Day |
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Horrifying new footage has emerged of a catapult ride breaking moments before it was launched into the air.

The video- taken at an amusement park in America- shows a woman and young boy getting strapped into the bungee ride, obviously looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush.

Instead of hearing gleeful screams as the pair were launched into the air, onlookers are heard making audible gasps as one of the bungee strings snaps.

A major close call for these two thrill seekers!

The video- which has had over 2 million hits on YouTube- garnered quite the response after it was uploaded online.

One viewer wrote: “I’m guessing the queue got a bit shorter after that.”

Another typed: “Literally a second before death. If that thing broke on release... yikes.”

One YouTube user had been put off similar rides for life, writing: “Never riding on one of those ever again.”

Watch the shocking footage below.

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