WATCH: Heartwarming video reveals why every baby deserves a ‘first’

This gorgeous video of babies reaching their first milestones is an absolute must-watch - trust us [advertorial].

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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As every proud mum and dad will know, there's nothing more amazing than watching your little one navigate all those special first-time experiences.

From their first smile to their first step, that first infectious giggle to that first sloppy baby kiss, this amazing video has captured all of those heartwarming moments.

But it comes with an important reminder that, around the world, the reality for many mums who face the risk of maternal newborn tetanus (also known as MNT) is that they may not have these experiences.

And, this October, UNICEF and Pampers have come together for the “1 pack = 1 Vaccine” campaign to help eliminate maternal and newborn tetanus in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Thanks to parent’s support of the Pampers and UNICEF campaign, 100 million mothers and their newborns have been protected against maternal and newborn tetanus.

But there are still mothers and their newborns babies in 24 of the world’s poorest countries at risk.

You can help to reach more mums and babies worldwide by purchasing specially branded packs of Pampers nappies and wipes.

For every pack or view Pampers will donate the cost of one vaccine to help UNICEF in the fight against maternal and newborn tetanus.

Be it their first smile or first step; together we can ensure that even more babies around the world can reach their first milestones!

Find out more about the Pampers and UNICEF campaign here.

1 view = 1 vaccine*

*For each Pampers pack with the UNICEF logo purchased or each video viewed or shared, Procter & Gamble supports UNICEF in the fight against newborn tetanus with 4.4p/€0.051. This amount equals for example the costs of one tetanus vaccine or supports its delivery. UNICEF does not endorse any brand or product. More information under or

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