WATCH: Girl band release music video of themselves singing while having orgasms

It must be a constant struggle being a pop star always having to come up with ideas to make yourself stick out from the crowd.


by Jack White |
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Well this was obviously a problem for one Dutch girl band, which perhaps went a bit far in its quest to be different.

Dance music group ADAM recorded a music video for their new single Go To Go, capturing three of the five members having orgasms while singing.

Yes, three girls have recorded themselves singing while using sex toys to have actual orgasms.

At the beginning of video you can’t tell what some of them are secretly doing. In fact, it just comes across as a really boring video. However, as it goes on suddenly three of them can’t see to keep a straight face.

Cue some very odd expressions and weird noises coming from them as they try their best to make it through the song.

By the end of the video it seems as though the girls have truly given up trying to perform their new single, and are just focusing on, ahem, getting the job done.

While this video does indeed make for some quite awkward viewing, it is a clever way of getting yourself and your music out there.

Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts via the comments box below.

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