WATCH: Eagle flies into man’s home and refuses to leave!

Watch this video of one man’s mission to rid his home of an eagle intruder.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Wendy Morell was relaxing at her home in Dorset with friends, settling down to watch the tennis, when she was interrupted by a surprise guest.

According to reports, the bird of prey swooped across the room, narrowly missing a house guest’s head.

‘It [was] a hot day, so we had the doors open and were watching the tennis. Then suddenly all hell broke loose in our living room.’

Her husband tried to get the bird to leave, but with little success.

Wendy contacted the authorities who suggested she get some help from Wessex Bird Of Prey rescue. Workers arrived half an hour later, daunted by the size of the eagle.

The bird turned out to be Russian Steppe eagle, native to countries in eastern Europe. He was later returned to his owners after his party-crashing adventure.

Watch the incredible video below:

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