WATCH: Domestic abuse survivor sings moving song from hospital bed urging people to stand up to abuse

See the powerful video and hear the moving song by domestic abuse survivor urging others to seek the help they need

Domestic violence victim darrian amaker\\\'s video song goes viral

by Hayley Kadrou |
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After suffering a traumatic ordeal herself, one domestic abuse survivor has spoken up urging other victims to stand up against abuse.

Still lying in her hospital bed, incredibly brave Darrian Amaker posted a heartbreaking yet empowering post and video to the Facebook page of National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

She said:

"A few days after thanksgiving this past year, my Love went straight psychotic and beat me brutally for 10 hours. He had planned it out; I was supposed to die.

"I survived or escaped, whatever you want to call it, and spent four days in the hospital, eyes swollen shut, wondering why, wondering why."

Darrian wrote in the post that her partner who was responsible for causing her such injury, pain and anguish is set to do his time, having been formally charged with six felonies, facing many years in prison.

But she continued:

“I have spent my life thus far collecting human stories: I am a singer, a photographer, a writer. I make things. I give things away. For the first time I have brushed up against an inhuman story and am deeply shaken.

“Domestic violence is not a faraway issue. It affects people you know, cheerful people, people who sing, people who love. We the humans must be better, kinder, stronger. We the loving must not tolerate abuse. We the living must facilitate life.”

Alongside the message, the young women beautifully sang a moving song that must be heard.

“She’s the one with the wounded spirit, she has loved too much, it's like her mamma always said ‘she’s such an easy touch,'” she sings.

See the video and read the full post here:

Hello - my name is darrian. A few days after thanksgiving this past year, my Love went straight psychotic and beat me... > >

Posted by [Darrian Amaker](#) on [Saturday, 16 January 2016](

In response to the video going viral, the NCAVD posted the following reminder:

"This trending demonstrates the power that one voice can have - once again a courageous survivor has spoken up and removed the cloak of secrecy from domestic violence.

"We support her and other survivors as they move to regain their voices. It can be very empowering.

"Too often in our culture, violence against women is not understood.

"These brave victims and survivors are bringing a new level of awareness - using technology and social media to help us understand their lives and share their experiences. We also hope (and encourage) that every survivor speaking out has done a careful and thoughtful assessment of their current situation, especially their own safety."

For any help, info and support with domestic violence issues, you can visit:

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