WATCH: Clip shows unborn baby ‘dancing’ in mum’s tummy

This clip of an unborn baby ‘dancing’ in its mum’s tummy is truly amazing


by Fiona Day |
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For nine months your baby calls your belly home, and you soon get to know your baby’s routine inside and out.

But as most mothers know, sometimes your baby can become VERY active, especially when practicing coordination.

One mum decided to film her baby doing its best ‘alien’ impression, and the results are both beautiful and very WEIRD.

Sharing the video on Imgur, you can clearly see the tiny baby appearing to have a party in their mummy’s belly!

Watch the clip for yourself below.

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Pregnant women don’t usually feel their baby moving until they reach roughly the 16 weeks mark, though for many women this can be as late as 25 weeks.

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