WATCH: Children share their adorable outlook on babies, love and LIFE

This adorable video allows kids to tell us their unique perspectives on love, babies and life.


by Fiona Day |
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The first little girl who takes the stand says, simply (yet rather philosophically): ‘Love is love.’

The next child then gets the ball rolling, telling the camera: ‘Love means you like somebody.’

Another little girl delves even deeper into the mystery that is love, concluding adorably that: ‘Love is when you kiss somebody.’

The next little girl is someone we can really identify with, telling us: ‘I have a boyfriend… I forgot his name.’

A little boy then peers into the camera and reveals he plans on extending his bachelor years for as long a possible, telling us sincerely: ‘I think I’ll have a girlfriend in my 40s.’

When it comes to babies, these kids are surprisingly clued up.

One of the children informs us: ‘They don’t just come out like 6 year olds,’ whilst another has hit the nail on the head when they say: ‘I think it’s gonna hurt.’

Their ambitions remind us of what it’s like to be 5-years-old and have a wealth of possibility ahead of you, with one child telling the camera: ‘I just wanna be a movie star or a rock star or something.’

The video was shot by an American charity to promote a scholarship fund, encouraging more parents to direct their kids towards attending university.

Watch the adorable clip below:

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