WATCH: What these cats get up to whilst their owners are out of town is hilarious

These cats were left in the house when their owners went away for the weekend. Leaving a timed cat food dispenser in the kitchen, off their owners went on their travels, safe in the knowledge that food would drop out of the dispenser each day and their precious felines wouldn't go hungry.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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The cats however, had other ideas. As their owners discovered upon their return, the pesky kitties had been running riot in the kitchen, attacking the automatic food dispenser on a regular basis.

According to YouTube user Timothy Sobrinski, the one year old brothers Milo and Max were left alone with the feeder (that dispenses food three times a day) with disastrous results.

And as we can see from the video, tabby kitten Milo is the really culprit, constantly charging at the food dispenser as Max looks on innocently.

Apparently this video only features the highlights of a two day feeding binge by Milo, which his owner had to cut down to size.

'The soapboxing clip was a funny discovery for us,' said Timothy, referring to the cats fight halfway through. 'We didn't know that they ever do that.'

Watch the hilarious video below.

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