WATCH: Cat meets a baby for the first time with adorable results

Watch this adorable video of a cat meeting a baby for the first time.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

They say curiosity kills the cat, well in this case it seems that curiosity has gained one cat a one really cute, chubby friend.

In this sweet video, we watch as the ginger tabby curiously peers into the newborn baby’s travel seat.

The cat hilariously seems surprised when the baby moves to yawn, thinking that the sleeping baby was going to hold still forever.

The cat darts back in fright- before edging closer to check out the new addition to the family, but not until he’s looked towards his owners for approval.

He watches as the baby stretches his legs, the tabby’s ears flicking as he takes in the sights and sounds of this strange new creature.

The cat starts to walk away from the travel seat, jumping at every noise and move the baby makes.

Something tells us that following this awkward introduction the tabby and the baby will become the best of friends!

Watch the adorable footage below:

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