WATCH: Boy gives sister motivational ‘pep talk’ as she learns to walk

This adorable video shows one little boy give his sister the encouragement she needs to learn how to walk

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by Fiona Day |
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As we are all aware, sometimes all we need in life is a little bit of encouragement.

And when it comes to teaching little ones how to walk, it can really make such a difference.

One little boy decided to give his baby sister all the motivation her could with an adorable ‘pep talk’ that has since gone viral.

Young Elijah allows his younger sibling to hold onto his toy car as she gets her bearings over the art of going from crawling to walking.

As she managed to toddle out a couple of steps, sweet Elijah eggs her on as he exclaims: “Good job sister! You’re doing great sister!”

The joy in his voice is truly delightful as he watches his apprentice make her first few steps.

Watch the incredible cute clip below.

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