WATCH: Baby having the time of his life in epic swing set video

Watch this adorable film of one baby having the time of his life during an epic swing set ride.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Cast your minds back to your childhood. You’re on the swings in the park. You’re flying through the air at a hundred miles an hour with the wind in your hair. Your legs flail into the sky as you wonder if you might take off into the clouds, never to return…

Now you can watch one baby experiencing the sights, sounds and emotions of flying through the air on his first swing set.

10-month-old Rasmus’s mum and dad- their own childhood memories feeling like a million years ago- decided to find out exactly what it was like for their offspring to experience their first swing set ride.

They (safely) strapped a nifty Go-Pro camera onto the baby’s hat and sent him off… off… and away!

Watch him squeal and drool with delight in this adorable clip.

Check it out below:

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