WATCH: This baby has the most infectious laugh we’ve ever heard

Is it just us, or does this video just make you incredibly happy and warm inside?

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Footage of a baby laughing hysterically as he plays in the bath is going viral today, as internet users realise that this video is actually the secret to happiness.

The baby is shown playing around in the bath with various toys, as what looks like a daschund puppy leans over the side of the bath and watches him.

Mesmerised by the baby playing around with his various rattles and plastic toys, the dog repeatedly jumps up to try and grab one of them - only to have the baby playfully move it away again.

The cheeky little baby seems to enjoy teasing his puppy, laughing hysterically every time the dog launches towards him and fails to grab the toys.

A little cruel, maybe, but we can't help but think this footage is incredibly adorable at the same time.

Watch the footage above, and PLEASE watch with sound - you're missing out on a seriously infectious laugh if you don't.

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