WATCH: Adorable puppy really hates bedtime

Scroll down to watch super-cute video of this puppy at bedtime.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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This adorable little French Bulldog puppy really doesn't want to go to bed.

And as with most children, his owner has a hard time even getting him to get into bed – let alone asking him to go to sleep.

As his owner tries to get the pup, named Frog, into his basket, he starts yelping in protest.

'Hey you need to go to bed now,' she says, as he edges towards her and tries to argue against this unfair request.

But once Frog is in his basket and his owner is telling him to go to sleep, the little pup can be seen drifting off, before eventually shutting his eyes.

Looks like he was more tired than he thought…

The video, posted by French Bulldog enthusiast and breeder Patti Bowles, is definitely the cutest thing we've seen today. Just listen to that sound!

Take a look at the video below:

Patti, who handpicks her French bulldogs from all around the world promises ‘you will fall deeply in love with this breed.’

Err, we think we already have Patti!

Check out her site here.

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