VIDEO: Woman ends up in A&E after putting popping candy in her vagina

Hilarious clip from documentary Sex Sent Me To The ER reveals exactly why we should keep popping candy away from our private parts…

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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'Pop Rocks', better known as 'popping candy' here in the UK, are delicious tiny sweets which begin to pop and fizz on contact with your tongue.

But, in a new episode of TLC's Sex Sent Me To The ER, it seems as if some people aren't just interested in eating the fizzy candy.

An unidentified woman went to the emergency room at her local hospital, complaining of burning and itching in her private parts.

Because, yes, she used Pop Rocks on her genitals.

Emergency room doctor David Meyers explained during the episode: "She said, 'The rocks are supposed to have added to our sexual pleasure and I made my husband use them.'

"She bought these candy rocks which are supposed to explode and tingle and sensation to their sex."

Check out what happens next:

Lesson learned? Popping candy is just for eating. Not for… not for anything else.

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