VIDEO: Wife surprises husband with pregnancy news after 17 years trying for baby

This uplifting pregnancy announcement video is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye

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by Fiona Day |
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Arkell and his wife Dana Griffin-Graves have been trying to have a baby for 17 years.

After four tragic miscarriages and the birth of a stillborn baby, the couple had nearly given up on their dreams to become parents.

Speaking to BuzzFeed News, Dana said: “We had everything planned… It just didn’t work out, so we kind of gave up.”

But proof that amazing things happen when you least expect it, Dana went to the doctor after noticing that she was gaining weight.

She soon found out that she was FIVE MONTHS pregnant!

Dana said: “I was ecstatic. We hadn’t planned anything, we weren’t trying.”

She decided to break the news to husband Arkell in the most adorable way. She placed buns in the oven with her baby scan and filmed his reaction.

Check it out for yourself:

Congratulations, Dana and Arkell!

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