VIDEO: Watch the shocking moment a man ‘steals a heart-attack victim’s wallet’

This shocking video shows what appears to be a man stealing a wallet from someone who had just had a suspected heart attack.


by Jack White |
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At first it looks like Brian Kuegler is rushing to help the victim Larry Lotter but he is then said to have taken his wallet and bought everyone in the bar a round of drinks.

Speaking of the incident to KTVI, Larry said: “I felt fine, and then all at once, I took a drink of my beer and felt a real sharp pain. Like someone sticking an ice pick in my chest.”

It is claimed that Brian took Larry’s wallet to the bathroom of the bar, took money from it and discarded it. He then used the stolen money to buy drinks for everyone in the bar in Illinois.

Mike Dixon, of Madison County’s sheriff office, said: “Rarely have I seen somebody literally steal from what they believed to be a dying man.”

Luckily, Larry’s heart attack turned out to be a false alarm. It was revealed that Larry had met Brian a month before the incident.

Brian was charged with theft from a person and could face up to five years imprisonment.

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