VIDEO: Watch a father’s amazing video showing his daughter growing from a baby to 14-years-old

A father has created a touching video documenting his daughter’s growth from a baby to 14-years-old.


by Jack White |
Published on

Taking videos of daughter Lotte every week up until she turned 14, Frans Hofmeester edited them together before posting the clip on YouTube.

It is truly fascinating to watch as we see Lotte growing up in front of our eyes, going from a laughing baby, to toddler and all the way up to a teenager.

This is not the first video like this that Frans has created. In 2012 he posted another collection of videos showing Lotte’s growth up to her twelfth birthday.

We hope Frans continues to make these videos, as watching Lotte grow form a baby to a young woman, and perhaps beyond would be even more amazing.

Are you a new parent who has been inspired to make something similar? Let us know via the comments box below.

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