VIDEO: Unborn baby appears to ‘clap’ during ultrasound

It looks like this unborn baby is set to become a musical genius!

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by Fiona Day |
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Amazing ultrasound footage has emerged appearing to show an unborn baby ‘clapping’ in the womb.

The short video shows the tiny baby having a party in his/her mum’s belly as it starts clapping away.

The mum-to-be even start singing ‘If You’re Happy And Your Know It Clap Your Hands’ with her young musical prodigy clapping at all the right moments.

Mum Jen Cardinal shared the clip on YouTube, writing underneath: “At our 14 week ultrasound our baby was clapping, so I sang a song with our doctor, while my husband filmed.”

It has long been thought that babies can hear sounds and music from inside their mother’s womb, but it looks like this future pop star is getting a head star with his/her musical talents!

Check out the amazing footage below.

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