VIDEO: Terrifying Chucky doll comes to life and chases terrified pedestrians

Hilarious prank video captures the moment a Chucky doll comes to life and chases people down the street

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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This is the sort of prank that's funny to watch from afar, but one that we imagine would literally make us wet ourselves if it was played on us!

The prank, designed to promote the DVD release of The Curse of Chucky film, sees people sit peacefully at a bus stop as an advert for Chucky flickers ominously beside them.

Then, without warning, a knife-wielding man dressed as the killer doll bursts through the glass and chases terrified passers-by down the street, cackling wildly.

From dogs to children, nobody was safe - and he even found time to steal one woman's purse along the way.

Watch it for yourself below:

Described by Business Insider's 'prankvertising' - it is similar to a promotional video for the remake of Carrie last year - in which unsuspecting coffee house patrons were treated to a frightening display of telekinesis.

Which is all well and good - but how do you think you would react to that killer doll attack?

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