VIDEO: Shocking clip shows the reaction to female on male domestic violence

This video shows the stark difference in how people react to male on female domestic violence and the reaction to a woman hitting a man.


by Jack White |
Published on

In the clip, created by DareLondon for the Mankind initiative, we first see a man getting violent towards his female partner.

Almost immediately, passers-by get involved and tell the man to stop, with one threatening to call the police.

Next, we see the same couple, played by actors, in a role reversal situation. This time it's the woman getting violent with the man.

The reaction from the public is strikingly different: not one person intervenes to help the man. In fact, some can be seen to be laughing as the couple argue.

At the end of the video, titled #VolenceisViolence, we are given the statistic that 40% of domestic violence is suffered by men.

Users on social media have been reacting to the video, outraged as to why nobody stepped in to help the man.

One user wrote: “That #ViolenceisViolence campaign is incredible, I can’t believe that people would just ignore a man being abused by a woman #ManKind”

Another posted: “Sad world. Woman hits man, and all is laughing….”

Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts via the comments box below.

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