VIDEO: “There’s a killer amongst them” – watch the new Eastenders trailer

Last night we saw Lucy Beale meet her grizzly end and now Eastenders have released a new trailer to get us all guessing about who could have done it.


by Jack White |
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The dark and slightly creepy clip shows some of the residents of Albert Square going about their normal daily routines, but all looking very shifty.

It opens to Denise kneeling on her living room floor, casually holding up a hammer – could this be the murder weapon?

We then see Max, Lauren, Peter, Jane and Ian all doing tasks like taking the rubbish out, the laundry, digging an allotment but all the while looking like they could have been the one to murder Lucy.

If we had to say looked the creepiest, we’d pick Lauren. As she is doing her laundry, in the launderette of course, because people in Albert Square do not have washing machines, her weird, swivel eyes make her look slightly possessed.

Somehow, Ian even looks suspicious as he innocently makes some tea. Or not so innocently, perhaps.

The clip ends with the whole cast gathered together, with the words “There’s a killer amongst them.”

So you know what that means – it might not have been Denise, Max, Lauren, Peter, Jane or Ian and we’re going to have to wait a long time to find out who it was.

Who do you think killed Lucy? Let us know via the comments box below.

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