VIDEO: You need to watch this video of a ‘choir’ of goats

Watch this hilariously cute video of a choir of goats bleating in perfect time.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Cats used to be the animal of the Internet, but these days it seems that goats are rapidly catching up with our feline friends as THE creature of the web age.

First there were goats in trees, then goats on slides…

Then there were goats covering Taylor Swifts songs!

Now goats are branching out on their own and creating a united front.

Pretty soon they’ll have their own Instagram pages and auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent (which, by the way, we would LOVE to see!).

Of course, they would have to audition alongside the bloke behind the camera, as he is clearly taking on the conductor role in the whole arrangement.

Watch the hilarious footage below:

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