VIDEO: Mum discovers truth about husband thanks to secret camera

A woman, who hid a camera in her living room, has shared the footage she caught of her husband and daughter…

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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… and it is, in a word, AMAZING!

The camera, hidden in the couple’s living room, was set up so she could show her kids' grandmother what they were up to while she was away.

Instead, she caught some seriously cute footage of her husband and their daughter.

In the footage, we see dad walk into the living room, where his little girl is busting some serious moves to Katy Perry’s E.T.

Although, when we say walk, we mean he did The Robot.

What followed was some of the best dad dancing we have ever seen.


Check it out:

He can seriously work a pair of pom-poms, can’t he?

Almost everyone who's commented on the clip has agreed that the funny video is one of the best ever uploaded to the video sharing website.

“Had to watch this twice - this guy is hilarious,” said one.

Another avid viewer added: “This is super cute. These kids are lucky to have a Dad like that.

“You go with your bad self, Daddy!”

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