VIDEO: Meet the dogs who combat loneliness by playing fetch… by themselves

Watch this adorable video of dogs who cleverly combat loneliness by playing fetch with themselves!


by Fiona Day |
Published on

The clip shows several dogs coming up with genius ways to entertain themselves whilst their owners are preoccupied.

We’ve all been there (whether we care to admit it or not).

Being left alone with nobody to play with and nobody to talk to.

Some of us mope around, some of us resort to watching trashy TV to fill the void and the rest of us cry to fill the hollow shell that has become our lives.

This is how us people-animals cope with loneliness…

Not our favourite pooches, though!

From using stairs to set up a game of fetch to rolling balls down hills, these dogs have it all worked out.

Take a leaf from these puppies' books and you’ll have no more lazy days feeling sorry for yourself.

Watch the hilarious clip and see for yourself!

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