Video: Man starts Chihuahua yoga trend

Going for a jog with your dog is so last year, the latest trend is doing the downward dog with er… your dog.

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by Closer staff |
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After seeing this video of an adorable Chihuahua doing yoga with his owner, not only are we in a great mood, but we’re predicting the start of a new fitness trend.

Nic Bello, an easy-on-the-eyes Italian director, uploaded the video on his Youtube channel of himself working out with his dog, helping them both relax. In the video, he advises ‘when you feel stressed, you need to do this work out’ before they begin.

The adorable little pup Pancho looks super-zen indulging in a yoga session in perfect sync with his master. Stretching out his neck and spine, the super fit Chihuahua aces the Cobra Pose, Table Top and the Downward Dog with apparent ease. Pancho’s puts us to shame.

After putting up an original video on Youtube of the cute pair working out together back in August, Nic followed up with this ‘part 2’ showing us more of Pancho’s skills, and adding some handy translations so we know just how well he respond’s to Nic’s instructions.

Well, this defiantly beats jogs around the park with your pup. Does your pet have any secret talents that can rival Pancho?

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