VIDEO: Man with Alzheimers has magical moment when he remembers to buy his wife flowers: ‘I saw his heart’

Watch this amazing news report telling the story of Melvyn and his mission to buy his wife flowers, despite struggling to remember events from the day before.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

Anyone who has a loved one suffering from Alzheimers knows only too well the heart wrenching moment when you realise that they know longer remember.

He bought his wife, Doris, flowers every Mother’s Day since the birth of their first child. Alzheimers or not, he refused to forget his annual tradition.

When workers in his care home reported him missing, his family panicked. Usually Melvyn was unable to take himself on a walk around the block let alone take himself anywhere else.

Miraculously, Melvyn managed to recall his Mother’s Day tradition and made it his mission to find a bunch of flowers for his beloved wife, turning up later on that day at her house.

Melvyn’s wife says, tearfully: ‘I saw his heart.’

Watch the amazing video below:

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