VIDEO: Little girl attempts to ignore ‘embarrassing’ parents as they mime Frozen song

Sometimes mums and dads can be really embarrassing. Watch this terrific clip of one poor girl pretending to be oblivious to her parent’s Disney sing along.


by Fiona Day |
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The video shows a (ridiculously good looking) mum and dad driving with their young daughter down a motorway.

Seems pretty standard, right? Think again. Rather than stick to a classic road trip playlist, the fun-loving mum and dad decided to break out the Disney tunes.

First up? Frozen’s ‘Love Is An Open Door.’

Watch as the parents express their love to each other through the emotional lyrics.

The little girl does her best to ignore her parents
The little girl does her best to ignore her parents

‘We finish each other’s… Sandwiches?’

And witness the little girl getting that indifferent nonchalance down to a T.

Could be worse, at least they’re singing in the privacy of a car (whilst the entire internet watches through their camera).

Check out the adorable clip below:

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