VIDEO: Little boy stuck looking for his hat… But it’s on his head!

Watch this adorable video of a little boy looking for his hat… but it’s on his head all along!


by Fiona Day |
Published on

We’ve all been there before, whether it’s a pair of glasses or a t-shirt we’re CERTAIN that someone has borrowed and ‘forgotten’ to return.

We search high and low before accusing our loved ones of deception, only to discover that we’re wearing that ‘long lost’ piece of clothing was gone forever.

Following an overwhelming sense of relief we than have to sheepishly call a halt to the search… This little boy learnt how this feels for the first time when he was adamant that he had lost his had, only to discover it was on his head the entire time!

He gives a detailed description (‘green with an eyeball’) and tells the camera that the last place he reckons he saw it was at home…

He then heads on an already redundant mission to the park- we can all see he’s wearing the hat that directly matches his adorably frank description.

Check out the uber cute video below:

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